There’s so much acrimonious, contentious, and flat-out ridiculous content in politics these days that it’s become toxic to most people. There’s a new saying going around that anyone smart enough to be a good politician is unfortunately too smart to wade into the nest of vipers that politics has become.

We want to change that. And our podcast is how we intend to do it.

Each episode will have a guest in to talk about what they want to do and why they think they are the best option to do it. It’s not a show trying to attack people, and we’re not going to spend time arguing the point – in the truest sense, you’ll be able to decide if this candidate is right for you. No editing, no ambushing, no excuses. Just real people who happen to be in politics.

I hope you enjoy the show. Each show will have a space for you to comment, retort, reply and support. And if you’d like to be on the show, get in contact with us!