Return of the Marnee

When an amazing guest is willing to return to the show, it’s a blast for me and I hope for you. Today Marnee Banks returns to the show, to discuss the remainder of the campaign, what it’s like following the state-wide races from the trenches, and how many miles she’s put on her car! And that she literally risked her life to educate Montana voters about who is running for office. She’s an awesome friend, and I know you’re going to enjoy this episode of the show!

The Return of Jesse Laslovich

I’m very pleased to welcome back to the show Jesse Laslovich, who was last on just before the primaries. It’s been a bit of a break from politics for Jesse, who hasn’t been outside the political arena since High School, and we get to discuss what he’s been up to, how he sees the races playing out, the incredible sums of money being wasted in the races these days, and we even discuss how one particular candidate is hiding from the press like a coward. And yes, I name names. We also discuss the future and what it might mean for all of us. Enjoy!

Jamee Greer

Ever since I started this show, way back in February, I’ve been trying to get Jamee to be a guest. His tireless efforts with the Montana Human Rights Network, as well as his personal dedication to making the world a better place are both impressive and inspiring. He finally had a few minutes of his day to give to the show, and it is awesome. Please welcome Jamee, and enjoy finding out a bit more about this incredible guy. Continue reading