Marilyn Bennett

This week I’m joined by Marilyn Bennett, the producer of Truth in Progress, a very cool project that is documenting the paralells of the civil rights movement to the gay rights movement. We discuss a bit of cancer, women’s rights, and the current state of politics. Plus, you’ll find out that Marilyn is extremely tall! Facebook and follow @truthinprogress and check out the site for more.

Kim Gillan

Kim Gillan joins us this week, as she  was on a quick visit to Helena this past weekend. We got a chance to sit and chat about what’s right in the world of politics, what’s wrong, and where she thinks it can go. Kim’s thoughtfulness and experience, and her desire to do nothing more than the best that Montana can ask for, is evident. She’s poised, funny, involved, and focused. I’m excited to have had her on the show, and I know she’ll represent all of Montana as well as she represented her district in Billings at the state legislature. Continue reading

Chris Mora

I first met Chris at Pride Montana 2012, and it’s always amazing to find our allies are everywhere. Chris’ interest in politics stems from personal reasons, but his passion and his thoughtfulness reach far beyond the walls of his life. Join us as we discuss the politics of the day, and if you’re so inclined, you can follow Chris on Twitter – @ChrisMoraIV

Linda McCulloch

How many people do you know that have contributed to raising EIGHT-HUNDRED-MILLION BUCKS?! Well, on today’s show you get to meet one! Linda McCulloch has been an amazing member of the electorate in Montana, and her passion and wit have been put to full use in service to the citizens of Montana. You’re definitely going to enjoy this show!

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