Ed Zimpel

You’ve gotta admire the get-up-and-go of anyone who is willing to throw their hat into the ring (fire) and run for political office. Especially when they are young. Our guest this week is Ed Zimpel, of Butte as well, who is running for HD 74. Eddie has been around politics his whole life, and looks forward to taking on this leadership role. You know you want to know more, so listen to the show!

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Amanda Curtis

Why leave to improve the world when there are ways to do it right near your home? Good Question! I wish I asked it. Amanda is a high-school math teacher in the lovely town of Butte, U.S.A. She brings a ton of community service and Montana history into the race for House District 76. She’s been working on helping Butte grow since she arrived there just after she graduated high school in Billings – a true native Montanan, with Butte in her soul.

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Marnée Banks

Marnée Banks is the political beat reporter for MTN Stations here in Montana, which is state-wide CBS. We cover some of her history, some of the legislature, the state of politics and what we think might be coming up with this election cycle. Join us for this non-politician-who-works-with-every-politician-in-Montana episode of the show.

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Kelsen Young

Kelsen Young has been around politics her entire life, and has actively lobbied the legislature for several years. Her work as the Executive Director of the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence has given her plenty of insight into our current political climate and, perhaps more importantly, a desire to change it. It’s our first real episode of PoliticktickBOOM, and we’re happy to have Kelsen as our inaugural guest.

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Introduction & Premise

Welcome! I’ve been working on this idea for a while, and it’s finally coming together. I’m excited about both getting going and who is joining us and what we’re doing. Want to know more? Listen to episode 1 of the podcast!