Sandy Welch

Education is so important in Montana that it’s a part of our constitution in a way that unique when it was ratified. Many other states have followed Montana’s lead when it comes to how important we view education, and having an elected State Superintendent is a big part of that. With that said, we have the Republican candidate for the office, Sandy Welch, on the show to discuss why she’s in politics, what she wants to change, and what the office really can do. Enjoy! Continue reading

Better than Bacon

This is another Very Special Episode™ of the show, with two guests, Don Pogreba of Intelligent Discontent, and Dustin Hurst of The whole reason for this show is that yesterday my Twitter stream blew up with an on-going bit of rather heated, interesting banter between these two fine gentlemen, and I thought, you know, I bet I have a better forum for this. And I do. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did!

Ed Zimple returns

Once again, I’m joined by Ed Zimple, and we have a special announcement about some new fun things happening. So sit back, grab a tasty beverage and enjoy the show! (Also, sorry it’s a day late. It’s been a zoo around here.)

Round Table #1

It’s my pleasure to present the first Round Table here at PolticktickBOOM, with the most awesome panel of guests – Kelsen Young, Mike Miller, Derek Brown & Ed Zimpel. Join us as we handicap the current political landscape, the races, the players, movers, shakers and ideas that are going to hit everyone square in the face come November. It’s an episode like no other – except that once again, I started it with an “um”. Alas.