Pam Bucy

We continue our candidates for the AG’s seat this week with Pam Bucy, a Montana native, from the thriving nontropolis of Townsend, MT. Her family has been farmers, miners, and she’s the first lawyer. With a story about soft hands, tough spines, smart heads and big hearts, you can find a lot to like about Pam. With the primary just a week away, it’s a great chance to get to know another of the amazing candidates the Democrats have fielded for one of the most important offices in our state. Continue reading

Jesse Laslovich

Would you want to be in politics your entire adult life? Not many would, and it’s sometimes seen as a bad thing, as one does begin to wonder if you’re in it to help the world or to help yourself. I, too, wondered the same thing about Jesse, but as you’ll find out, he’s just a really cool guy. His motivations for politics are humble and honest, and while he may not be your cup of tea, you can’t fault the guy for trying his best. Continue reading

Bowen Greenwood

This week’s guest is the Executive Director of the Montana GOP, Bowen Greenwood. He’s been around politics all his life, and while he no longer thinks he can solve all the world’s issues in one fell swoop, he’s still in it to change things for the better. Continue reading

Franke Wilmer

Well, the show is a tad shorter than most, because Franke Wilmer was kind enough to carve out a quick half-hour after the Rally to Stop The War On Women just this last Saturday to join us on the show. Franke has an amazing story, having worked as a waitress and in several other service-industry roles for 16 years, while finishing her undergraduate and graduate studies, and is now a professor at MSU. Her work in foreign policy and human rights is outstanding and her goal is to lead us to a better place. Continue reading