John Heenan


We’re back! After a long hiatus, it’s time to dive into Politics again and meet the people that are trying to change the world.

John Heenan is our first guest, and he’s running for the lone U.S. Congressional seat in Montana. He’s a small business owner and consumer rights advocate based in Billings, Montana where he lives with his wife Meagen and their four children. As a consumer rights advocate, John has spent his career stepping up for Montanans who have been ripped off by big banks and big insurance companies. In addition to his work as a consumer rights advocate, he has also been deputized by the State of Montana to prosecute dark money cases, the most notable being former State Legislator Art Wittich, who was found guilty doing the bidding of a Right to Work dark money group. Since announcing in early August, John has traveled the State of Montana, from Sidney in the east to Kalispell in the Northwest. Meeting people is the heart and soul of this campaign.